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Trauma-Informed Therapy

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Registered Professional Counsellor

“We all have emotional wounds that need healing. Even before becoming a Counsellor, I had witnessed how these neglected wounds negatively affect our ability to live happy and fulfilling lives, and it caused me a great deal of sadness. I decided that I would transform my sadness into purpose.  Experiencing my own suffering and witnessing it in others compelled me to pursue a career in Counselling.  I knew that I could not take a person's suffering away- but that I could help them learn how to 'suffer well'... allow them to feel their feelings, acknowledge their painful pasts and go on to live great lives in spite of it all." -Andrea La

It can be difficult to navigate life when we do not fully understand ourselves. Relationships with self & others can be compromised and life can be a lot harder than it needs to be.  I offer a warm, inclusive, welcoming & supportive place where Clients can learn to heal from their painful pasts & overcome the obstacles that hinder their success. 

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“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being HUMAN”

Brene Brown

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